Big Band Show

Workshop and final show directed by Omar Galván.
A multidisciplinary improvisation show that combines theatre, music and dance in a magnificent concert created on the spot. Montage based on Soundpainting.
Omar is a freelance improviser and globetrotter. In 1994, in Buenos Aires, he began his path as an improviser (on stage, in teaching, in directing, in research) becoming Improtour in 2000, an international reference in theatrical improvisation techniques. He went around the world working in five continents and he has visited forty countries.
He wrote an Improv manual (“From the jump to the flight”) and a short essay translated into five languages (“Yes, but”).
He has forged his own poetics, particular and recognizable. Builds bridges between improvisers from all over the world.

Shhh! Gestural improv

No limits, no censorship, no shame, no script…Edu Ferrés and Rubén Hernández (actors from Yllana company) bring to life the audience proposals creating unrepeatable stories without saying a word. A unique format that goes beyond theater improv, in which physical comedy and crazy humor go hand in hand to say a lot without saying anything.