The Applied Improvisation Network's 2022 Virtual Conference

The Power of AI

What is Applied Improvisation, you might ask? It uses principles, methods, and mindsets borrowed from the art form of improvisational theatre and applies these tools in real-world circumstances. Improvisational skills such as listening, co-creating, adapting, connecting, accepting, supporting, working with uncertainty, making quick decisions, and addressing status and power are all critical dimensions to working in these areas. And we need new tools.

Our virtual conference brings together a global community of practitioners, facilitators, educators, artists, and academics to share best practices as we manage the toughest and most critical challenges in a post-pandemic world.

Learn and share as we engage virtually as a community of experts.

Keynote Workshops:

This year we have fantastic keynotes and presentations. Here are some details about Jeanne Lambin's and Matt Weinstein's incredible Keynote workshops!

Jeanne Lambin | How Is That Possible!? Attention, Intention, Wonder, and the Power of Applied Improvisation & Designing your Improvised Life

What are the wondrous quirks of being human that make it possible for us to improvise? How has this ability to improvise appeared over the years? As we move into the 21st century, how can the power of intentional improvisation be leveraged to transform our own lives and the lives of others?

Join Jeanne Lambin and explore these questions and more in this inspiring and engaging and interactive look at the power of improvisation as a tool for change and transformation.

This is the first of a two-part series: for those interested in doing a deeper dive, you can join the follow-up workshop, Designing Your Improvised Life, to bring the power of intentionality and applied improvisation to life design.

Matt Weinstein | Building A Play Community

At the beginning of any conference, it is important for the attendees to meet each other in a fun way that facilitates the formation of a learning community that is also a play community.

In this joyful, interactive session, you will learn the theory and practice of forming and re-forming play groups online.

You will meet many of your fellow conference attendees through an ever-changing series of joy-filled experiences, and you will learn a variety of fun activities you can share online or in person with your own teams and clients. Come prepared to have some serious fun!

Click here to access the recorded sessions!!

Conference Costs:

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