What is Applied Improvisation?

Applied Improvisation draws lessons from the arts (e.g. comedy, jazz and theatre) and utilizes them for non-theatrical or non-performance applications. In 2014, AIN set out to understand the functional definition, principles and practices of applied improvisation. Experts in the field helped us write this definition: The use of principles, tools, practices, skills and mindsets of improvisational theater in non-theatrical settings, that may result in personal development, team building, creativity, innovation, and/or meaning. (Read the study here!)

Benefits of Applied Improvisation: Collaboration, Confidence & Creation

Applied improvisation assumes creativity happens collaboratively by using the principle of short turn taking between individuals in the group. In an atmosphere of positive purpose, everyone is encouraged to contribute. Fear, suspicion and anxiety are replaced with focus, creativity and sense of collaboration. This approach allows individuals, groups and organizations to release their creative potential and over time, increase confidence.

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