Applied Improvisation Magazine (AIM) FAQ

What's the aim of the AIM? We want to articulate, research, and promote what is going on in the emergent and growing field of Applied Improvisation. The magazine is written primarily by and for members of the Applied Improvisation Network, so we are leaning towards academic rigor and spreading the word to potential collaborators, clients, and related professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Magazine free?
Firstly we have a digital version and a paper version (Print-on-demand) of the Magazine. 
For the digital version, the full Magazine (68 pages) is free for the AIN Membership and Professionals only. The good news is we have made an excerpted magazine sample of 32 pages, free for everyoneAnd from now until June 1st 2023, anyone who creates a free AIN account, will get access to the full magazine. Everyone can order the paper version that will ship directly to you for a fee.

2. I am currently a member of the AIN Facebook group or LinkedIn group; doesn't that make me an AIN Member?
No. They are different. AIN Membership is the formal process for individuals who apply and pay $50 (Membership) or $99 (Professionals) and maintain it actively without lapse. See Membership for details.

3. I downloaded the digital magazine file. Can I share it with my friends?
Technically, you can. But for the full magazine, we recommend non-members, create an AIN account and receive free access to the full magazine until June 1st, 2023, or buy a digital copy at MagCloud, for $2.99. It is a great way to support the project. We appreciate it. For the 32-page magazine sample, yes, we encourage you to share it with as many friends as possible.

4. How does Print-On-Demand (POD) work?
It is similar to how you shop online. After placing a POD order, MagCloud will print, pack and mail to your address and handle any customer service. The organization doesn’t see or touch physical products but has tested its service, and all worked great.

5. How much does the paper version (Print-on-demand) cost?
The first issue of AIM is $14.60 plus mailing and tax (if applicable). You will get the digital version for free when you order the paper version.

Check out AIN Board President, Ed Reggi, reading a physical copy!

6. How can I provide feedback on the magazine?
Your feedback is welcome. On page 66, there is “This Link” where you can complete the Google Form.

7. When will the second issue come out?
We plan to publish it in early 2024.