2023 AIN Conference Learning Journey Selections and Registration

The Learning Journeys are workshops which take place before the main conference. They offer in-depth topics with experienced facilitators and often have direct connection with the conference city or region. The Learning Journeys have become increasingly significant over the years, with 50%+ of conference participants also booking Learning Journeys.

This year our Learning Journeys will take place on Wednesday, July 26th and Thursday, July 27th, 2023.



Please click here to register for Learning Journeys. This year, you have the option to register up to four workshops. Please note that the Learning Journeys you select, you are registering for, rather than choosing a second alternative option. 

Learning Journey Prices:

  • One Learning Journey: $100 USD
  • Two Learning Journeys: $160 USD
  • Three Learning Journeys: $200 USD
  • Four Learning Journeys: $220 USD

Please be mindful of the times and select sessions that do not overlap. You can select and participate in more than one Learning Journey if you would like. Get the best deal by attending more than one.



This year we have 11 awesome Learning Journey opportunities to explore. Maybe you want to sharpen up your drawing skills or learn how to take the "improvisational mindset" to the everyday world. What workshops speak to you the most? 

Learning Journey Selections:


LJ #2 THE Quest - Improvisation for Transformation

Presenter: Jeanne Lambin

Date: Wednesday July 26th

Location: The Improv Centre Theatre

Time: 9am - 4pm 

Description: What better way to experience Vancouver than to embark on an improvised adventure across the urban landscape of this city? The Quest: Improv for Transformation is a one-of-a kind experience where improvisation, storytelling, urban exploration, and magic meet. Meet The Quest! Described by participants as, “completely transformational”, The Quest leads participants on a journey where they experience:

  • Being introduced to the improvisational mindset,
  • taking the “improvisational mindset” (normally reserved for the stage) out into the everyday world,
  • applying that improvisational mindset for an extended period,
  • exploring what happens as a result of that approach, and
  • reflecting on what was discovered during the experience.

The Quest culminates in the participants coming together and, through casual conversation and storytelling, sharing experiences, insights, and discoveries that unfolded during that process. 


LJ #3 - Automatic Drawing, Urban Sketching and Other Art Improving Tools

Presenter: Daniel De Miguel

Date: Wednesday July 26th

Location: (Changed of Location) The Improv Centre (TIC)

Time: 9am - 4pm

Description: Do you think you can't draw? When you were a child you certainly drew a lot. However many of us don't do it anymore. This can be changed with a little effort and a couple of tricks that will make you enjoy again the joy of drawing and expressing yourself through images. Even if you are an experienced artist, you will find these tools useful to open your mind, to boost your creativity, and maybe try things from a different point of view. Maybe you'll find inspiration inside you! We will discover some very basic exercises to warm up and move on to pattern drawings, automatic drawings and some urban sketching. The works of the workshop will be (If you agree, of course) exposed for the enjoyment of the whole conference assistants. Boost your creativity skills, start producing art and enjoy drawing in this learning journey.

Click here to watch Daniel's video to learn more about this Learning Journey.


LJ #4 - What Comes Next? Navigating Change, Uncertainty and Transition with Playful Mindfulness

Presenter: Ted DesMaisons

Date: Wednesday July 26th

Location: Tyee Hall (False Creek Community Centre)

Time: 9am - 4pm

Description: Everything changes, but that doesn’t make the changes we face any easier. Any transition—whether welcomed or resisted—creates stress. The uncertainty challenges what we know and gives us a choice: rely on habitual reactions that keep us locked in the past or forge new neural pathways that breed greater resourcefulness going forward. Mindfulness—paying attention to the present moment with curiosity and kindness—helps us handle change with the best of who we are. We slow down, take a breath, and befriend the inner resources that shift us from dread to delight. Improvisation--playing collaboratively and spontaneously with reality as it unfolds--teaches us how to do so with others. Combining those two wisdom paths, this Learning Journey will help you stay even-keeled when traveling through uncharted waters. Our topics may include relationship to failure, paying attention, curiosity and kindness, mind as storyteller, reactivity versus response, sharing control, personal presence, and rituals that make for healthy transitions. Taken as a whole, the course will prepare participants to ask the question “What comes next?” from a resourceful place of confidence, calm, and connection. 


LJ #5 - Applied Improv and Psychotherapy

Presenter: Madeleine De Little and Jim Edmondson

Date: Wednesday July 26th

Location: The Improv Centre Upstairs

Time: 1pm - 4pm 

Description: Hello! Please join me on July 26th to experience the power of laughter, fun and the infinite possibilities of the imagination in therapy. This session will be experiential, and you will have the opportunity to experience the power of working metaphorically with little figurines and a sand box and the impact that has on the body. It is quite a departure from traditional talk therapy!

I use this method in my therapy sessions with clients and it is based on the latest neuroscientific research. The client leads the session and I mostly follow by asking open ended questions about the choice, and placement of figurines. Please join me for 3 hours that will change forever your opinion about Play therapy for adults.
- Dr. Madeleine De Little

Click here to listen to Dr. Madeleine talk about her Learning Journey! 



LJ #6 - Did I Hear That Right?

Presenter: Jamie Montgomery

Date: Thursday July 27th 

Location: The Improv Centre Upstairs 

Time: 9am - 12pm 

Description: This is a Journey through active listening. We will focus on supporting each other, active listening, and being aware of what is heard. Engaging in meaningful conversation while building trust. Responding with intent and curiosity. We will also touch on being engaged and more comfortable with interactions all while building trust. Bring who you are, and it will be an enthusiastic experience. Feel heard.

Click here to watch Jamie talk about his Learning Journey!



LJ #7 - ReimAgINing Inclusion: Bridging Generations and Cultures with Applied Improv

Presenter: Yael Schy and Gary Ware

Date: Thursday July 27th

Location: Arts Club Rehearsal Hall

Time: 9am - 12pm

Description: In 2020, faced with the closing of in-person improv workshops, Yael (a Northern California Baby Boomer) and Gary (a Southern California Millennial) joined forces to create and co-facilitate Zoomers to Boomers Improv, a virtual International, Intergenerational Improv program. Our goal is to create CONNECTION through nurturing a global community of improvisers of all ages and cultures across generational and geographical divides. Our program succeeded beyond our dreams, with participants from more than 10 countries (including Canada), spanning 5 generations from teens through octogenarians. Our participants have developed strong bonds and call themselves a "family." In this workshop, we will share a case history of our experience of creating this program and its impact on the participants and on us! We will also share several unique experiential exercises that we created specifically to bridge the generation gap and will give participants an opportunity to create new intergenerational games. Participants will gain new AI exercises, as well as inspiration to REIMAGINE ways to use improv to connect diverse groups of people, so that EVERYONE is included.

Want to learn more about this Learning Journey? Hear directly from the presenters, Yael and Gary!

Click here to watch their video about their session. 



LJ #8 - AI for Performers and Non-Performers

Presenter: Patrick Short

Date: Thursday July 27th

Location: The Improv Centre Theatre

Time: 9am - 4pm

Description: In this course, you will learn the principles that underlie the techniques that applied improvisers use and a series of exercises and activities that you can adapt to use within your training sessions, as well as the how and why of powerful reflections on your content. We will wear both hats - participants and facilitators - as we spend the day in a real applied improv workshop. We'll also spend a few minutes on how to get the most out of time spent at the AIN Conference. No experience is necessary and both new & experienced improvisors are welcome.

Click here to hear Patrick talk about his Learning Journey! 




LJ #9 - Yes, and . . .Dance, and

Presenter: Rosanna von Sacken and Laurie Krupski

Date: Thursday, July 27th

Location: Arts Club Rehearsal Hall

Time: 1pm - 4pm 

Description: Enjoy Dancing? Like Applied Improv? Then come and experience the similarities between social dancing and applied improv that will strengthen your confidence in both! Both involve making connections, creating space, active listening, being in the present moment, leading and following, constantly adapting, making each other shine, accepting offers, taking risks, recovering from mistakes, improvising and responding, mirroring and playing, switching roles, and entering a shared state of flow - these are all elements that exist in applied improv as well as in the social dancing worlds. No dance experience, no partners are required.

You will dance away with:

  • Experiencing demonstrations from 3 dancers (the co-presenters and a male assistant) so that you can see the versatility of a male lead, male follow, female lead and female follow
  • Enhanced courage to experiment with the unknown
  • An understanding of how to take risks with confidence
  • Practice listening non-verbally and communicating with your body
  • A Spotify playlist

There will be opportunities for Q&A and debriefing. All this, and, you don’t have to be perfect!

Click here to watch Rosanna and Laurie tell you more about their session!




LJ #10 - How To MC Your Life

Presenter: David C. Jones

Date: Thursday July 27th

Location: (Change of Location) Boardroom (False Creek Community Centre)

Time: 1pm - 4pm 

Description: This workshop looks at Applied improvisation from the perspective of the host. When distilling the qualities that make a great emcee, we see the transferrable skills for being a great team member or leader. They need a light sense of humour, the right amount of compassion and a tight measure of time. They also need to know that they are not the show. With their vibrant personality, they make the experience about others, and set them and the audience up for success with energy and knowledge. Improvisation is an important part of the tool chest to help cover mistakes, save face, or fill time. Secrets and ideas will be shared and discovered. Yes, and this:

  • How does a person get over stage fright and/or nervousness in group settings?
  • What tools are best for motivating and engaging a team of any size?
  • How to increase ‘buy-in’ by making others the star? Horror stories and other gossip will also be shared - because we also can learn much from embarrassing scandals. The Seven C’s Framework (actually 10, but 7 sounds cooler) was created by myself based on my experiences and learnings. It will be a delightful and helpful takeaway.

Want to learn more about this Learning Journey? Hear directly from the presenter, David C. Jones!

Click here to watch a video about his session. 


LJ #11 - Coaching The Coaches

Presenter: Jonathan Pitts

Date: Thursday July 27th

Location: The Improv Centre Upstairs

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Description: Applied improvisation coaches and leaders are the facilitators leading the exercises and games for participants, but coaches and leaders often aren't able to get feedback for themselves about how they're doing what they're doing instead of what they're doing or if there is a better or easier or more fulfilling way to lead the exercises they do. Coaches and facilitators give so much feedback to their participants, but they so rarely get quality in depth feedback about their communication, feedback, and presentational styles, and this workshop will give that to them. 


LJ #12 - Silent Disco Epic Adventure In the City

Presenter: Myriam Verzat and Mitch Miyagawa

Date: Thursday July 27th

Location: Ferry Dock (TBC)

Time: 1pm - 4pm 

Description: Join us for an adventure of Silent Disco through the City! Starting at Granville Island, we will take a day pass for the false creek ferries to discover the area with music! If you have never experienced a silent disco before, you are in for a treat! This technology allows you to be completely immersed in the music as everyone else is hearing exactly the same thing. Your two hosts will also be able to whisper to you directly some playful invitations. We will have a blast interacting with bypassers and inviting them to try the system out, creating some spontaneous dance parties wherever we go. There will be space for improvising and trying new things! AND! You will have the chance to be part of our crew for the Silent Disco event happening on Saturday night of the conference. We will give you a preview of what will happen and invite you to have a special role during the night. 

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