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What is AIN? / What to expect at an AIN Conference

The Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) was created in 2002 to bring together professionals interested in studying, practicing, and teaching applied improvisation. Initially, 30 pioneering improvisers gathered for the first conference in San Diego. Today, AIN is a global community of practitioners and facilitators across numerous regional and local groups. 

This year, we are ReImAgINing the AIN Conference, and the ever-popular main elements will include plenary sessions, workshops, AINx (TED-style) talks, and in-person Open Space. 

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Requests for Proposals and Presenting at the Conference 

I want to present at the AIN Conference. Can I submit a proposal?

The Requests for Proposals are now closed.

Please submit until Monday, April 10th, 2023. Please note that everyone can present at the conference – we have several Open Space sessions available for individuals to present 30, 60, or 90-minute presentations on Sunday, July 30th.

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Travel to Vancouver

How do I get to Vancouver?
Air, sea, train from Seattle, car, transit, foot, pogo stick, at this time, there are sadly no hot air balloon arrivals into Vancouver.

Arriving at YVR/Directions to Granville Island
International travelers will first clear Canadian Immigration (make sure you have your immigration documents - passport - with you) and then claim their checked bags. When you emerge to the Terminal, you may walk directly to the doors ahead of you and get into the lineup for a taxi, or you can cross to the building across the road to get the train to the city (look for signs saying “Train To The City”). Or you might head for the car rental counters inside the terminal. Details below:

Yes, we have Uber and Lyft, but regulations tie their rate to those of licensed taxis, so it’s probably not worth getting one unless the lineup for taxis is huge and you think you might save some time. Taxis from the airport operate on a strict zone system (not on a meter) - to central Vancouver (including the Holiday Inn); the rate is a flat $31 CAD per trip, taxes included, a tip is extra. To downtown Vancouver (including Granville Island, the YWCA, and most downtown hotels), it’s a flat $34 CAD. These are daytime prices. Multiple stops (e.g., if you drop one passenger off and then carry on with the rest) add cost. Taxis take cash and credit cards.

The north-south train to the city is officially known as the “Canada Line,” though some locals also use the term “Skytrain,” the larger east-west line. All Vancouver transit is integrated, so you can move between Canada Line, local buses, Skytrain, and even the “Seabus” (a passenger ferry to North Vancouver) on the same ticket within a designated time frame. You can buy tickets at the stations - or you can tap your chip-encoded credit card. Tap in as you enter, and tap out as you exit. Tap in again if you are transferring - but there will be no charge.

Trains leave YVR (Vancouver Airport) about every 6 minutes during the day. The trip from YVR to downtown (you probably want Vancouver City Centre Station) is 24 minutes. To Holiday Inn, get off at Broadway-City Hall Station (19 minutes from YVR), cross the street, and transfer to a #9 bus going west. To YWCA, get off at Vancouver City Centre and walk 8 minutes. For Granville Island, the connections are more awkward, but you probably aren’t coming here directly from the airport anyway.

Car rental doesn't make sense if your primary activity is the conference itself. Parking on Granville Island will cost you $21 CAD/day, and your hotel might also charge for overnight. Even if you have free street parking at your Airbnb, you will probably be better off just taking a taxi or UBER to the conference. Even a side trip to Victoria is easier on the downtown-to-downtown tour bus as Victoria is walkable, and the bus has a guaranteed spot on the ferry, which your rented car will not.

A car rental makes sense if you are planning to reach some of the more distant sights - like a hike through Lighthouse Park or over the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge (the Capilano Suspension Bridge offers a free bus) or a stop at the beautiful Butchart Gardens on your way to Victoria. But we suggest you rent the car for those extra days here before or after the conference.

Check out the top of this page for more information.

How do I get to Vancouver from the airport?
Skytrain, Uber, Lyft, Evo Car Share, and local Taxis. We recommend you start here: Google Maps of Vancouver.

Where is the Conference venue located?
The 2023 AIN Global Conference will be held on Granville Island, Vancouver's premier artistic and cultural district in British Columbia, Canada. Granville Island sits on the traditional and unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations, who have lived, worked, and played on these lands for thousands of years. The closest airport is the beautiful Vancouver International Airport (YVR) which is 11.8km away (26 min drive or 45 min transit). 

What is the weather going to be like?
Unknown and unpredictable. However, on average, July is almost the warmest month in Vancouver, with daytime temperatures of 20-24°C (68-75°F) while nights fall to a mild 13°C (55°F). Temperatures rarely exceed 27°C (80°F) or dip below 11°C (50°F). July is the driest month in Vancouver, but it still sees some rainy days.

What essentials should I pack?
Casual, layered clothing is recommended as it will be warm-ish during the day but cool in the evenings, with the potential of an ocean breeze. A waterproof layer for those unexpected rain showers is always a good idea!

Some items to be sure to bring include:

  • Passport and/or visas
  • Chargers for electronics
  • Converters or Adapters – with a standard voltage of 110 V
  • Personal Hygiene Items & Prescription(s)
  • Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • T-Shirts
  • Shorts/Jeans/Trousers
  • Light jacket/sweater (for any air-conditioned rooms and evenings)
  • Rain jacket

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Travel while in Vancouver

What types of auto rentals and/or ride-share services are in Vancouver?
UberLyftEvo Car Share, and normal taxi services. All major car rental services can be obtained at the airport; however, an important note: there is a 3-hour limit for parking on Granville Island. You may want to skip the car rental and opt for ride-share services. 

What types of public transportation are there?
As part of the Vancouver Public Transit system, sky trains, buses, and even a sea bus exist. You can find ticket and schedule info at: https://www.translink.ca/. The harbour ferries/water taxis are another fun way to get around and a great way to get to Granville Island from downtown. There's the Aquabus (https://theaquabus.com/) and False Creek Ferries (https://granvilleislandferries.bc.ca/). You can buy tickets on the boat itself or at most of the docks.

What other modes of transportation are there besides transit?
There are bike share, ebikes, and various electric scooter rentals for the brave.

What is there to do in Vancouver?
Looking to make the most of your trip? Read An Improviser's Guide to Venturing out in Vancouver by Lindsay Leese and discover the hidden gems, must-see places, and other amazing things to do while you are in town. 

Will there be WIFI at the AIN Conference?
Yes, most venues provide WIFI; however, the conference organizing team does not guarantee WIFI speeds or availability. 

Cell Phones
You can get a Canadian SIM card in Rogers, Telus, Bell, Freedom Mobile, Chatr Mobile, Fido, Koodo Mobile, Lucky Mobile (stands), PC Mobile/The Mobile Shop, Petro-Canada (gas stations), Public Mobile, 7-Eleven & Virgin Plus stores. They are also sold at airports. 

Is food included in the conference fee?
Yes, two dinners, three lunches, snacks, coffee, and tea. 

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 Accommodation Questions

Is accommodation included in the conference fee?
No, accommodation is not included in the conference fee. Please click here to have a look at our Vancouver accommodations information page. We have great recommendations for places to stay, be sure to check them out. And please note that our conference dates are July 27th - July 30th (Learning Journeys on July 26th and July 27th) for your booking needs.

How far is it to walk/drive/transit from the conference to the accommodations? 
Depending on where you are staying, your walk/drive/transit could be between a 2-minute - 20-minute drive or a nice and pleasant 5-minute - 30-minute walk. 

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 Can I bring a guest?

Can I bring a guest who will accompany me to the AIN Conference?
Guests of conference attendees have access to specific events and meals for a fee of $299 USD. One guest registration per full registration is allowed and is subject to availability.

Guests can attend:

  • Friday lunch and dinner with performance
  • Saturday lunch and dinner with performance
  • Sunday lunch

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Conference Schedule / Events

Click here to access our Full Conference Schedule. 

What is Open Space?
The Open Space is the most improvisational part of the conference. Conference attendees are invited to pitch a session they have either planned or come up with on the day itself. They can be anything from a masterclass to an informal chat on a theme chosen by the session organizer. There will be designated time and rooms allotted for Open Space sessions which will be included in the conference schedule. 

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 Learning Journey Questions

What are the AIN Learning Journeys?
The AIN Learning Journeys are full-day explorations into a specific topic, theme, or experience before the main conference. 

When & Where will the AIN Learning Journeys be held (date, time, location)?
Dates: Wednesday, July 26th, and Thursday, July 27th, in and around Granville Island. Stay tuned for details.

How and when can I register for Learning Journeys?
An email will go out to those registered for the conference for an opportunity to purchase these additional learning and exploration opportunities.

UPDATED: You can register for Learning Journeys here

I have registered for my Learning Journey(s). How do I make a change?
If you have registered and paid for your Learning Journey(s), the online form does not allow you to edit your selection. Instead, you will need to contact Anna AINs administrator, at [email protected]. She can make changes to your Learning Journey(s) and invoice any additional charges or issue a refund. *Subject to availability, LJ capacity, or sold-out status. 

Will you provide food at the AIN Learning Journeys?
The Learning Journey fees do not cover the cost of meals; however, there will be lunch and dinner breaks. There are many places to eat nearby.

How do I get to my Learning Journey?
More details to come! Once you sign up for a specific Learning Journey, you will be notified of all the details.

Do I have to attend the AIN Conference to be able to attend the AIN Learning Journeys?
Ideally, we would like everyone who attends the AIN Learning Journeys to attend the AIN Conference. In addition, the AIN Conference attendees will have priority to enroll in an AIN Learning Journey. However, if the Learning Journeys still have space after July 1st, we will open them up to the general public.

Can I submit a Learning Journey offer? 
Yes! Our Learning Journey offerings form is now available for submissions. Please submit your offerings until Monday, April 10th, 2023. 

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Are there any AIN Conference Scholarships?

The AIN Board is committed to increasing the accessibility of this conference to people from under-served and under-represented communities, primarily locally in the host country. You can help by donating to the AIN scholarship fund and helping increase the number of participants who could not otherwise afford to attend.

Scholarship applications will be due by Saturday, June 1st. This scholarship opportunity for full registration may vary from year to year. The Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) is committed to increasing the accessibility of this conference to people from underserved and under-represented communities by providing award scholarships to as many deserving people as possible who live, work, or attend school near the host city of Vancouver BC.

If you want to attend the AIN 2023 Conference under a scholarship, please fill out our 2023 Scholarship application form. (Applications due June 1st.) 

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If you are involved in applied improvisation and have a profitable company or organization that has benefited from being part of the AIN community, please consider giving back by making a more significant gift.  To thank you for your generosity and kindness, you and your organization will receive a big AIN thank you and recognition from the stage! Please contact us about other potential sponsorship opportunities or if you know of an aligned outside organization that would like to discuss how they might increase their visibility within our community. Please contact Anna, our Administrator, at [email protected] if you want to become a 2023 ReimAgINe Conference Sponsor.

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COVID-19 Policy

Please see this website https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid for all travel regulations for Canada. Masks and vaccination policies will be based on the current country's requirements.

We ask that all 2023 conference attendees, exhibitors, and guests attest to the following:

  • I will comply with the guidelines of the Canadian Government Health authorities.
  • I will follow travel restrictions and recommendations for our host city, Vancouver, and my point of origin.
  • I will abide by all guidelines and recommendations from our host city, Vancouver, regarding wearing masks and social distancing in public spaces that are in effect at the time of the conference.
  • I will follow any safety guidelines or restrictions implemented by AIN during the convention.
  • I agree to cooperate with any contact tracing efforts if I test positive for or am exposed to COVID-19 while attending the conference.
  • I agree not to attend the conference if I experience any COVID-19 symptoms (including fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, headache, or nausea or vomiting) or learn that I have tested positive for COVID-19. If I begin experiencing such symptoms or learn that I have tested positive for COVID-19 while attending the conference, I will leave the conference site immediately.

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Cancellation Policy 

  • If you cancel your registration before May 29, 2023, 23:59 UTC, you will receive a full refund minus administration costs ($50).
  • On and after May 30, 2023, registration will be refunded 50%.
  • On or after June 26, 2023, 23:59 UTC, registrations will be non-refundable.

Refunds will be processed within 30 days after we have confirmed the cancellation.
If for some reason, you are unable to attend, you can transfer your registration to someone else for a $50 administration fee. This substitution requires written notice. Email substitutions to [email protected]

The organizing team reserves the right to cancel the conference and allocate the accumulated costs due to natural disasters, strikes, civil disorder, war, government regulations, curtailment of transport facilities, supernatural interventions, or other emergencies that make holding the event inadvisable, illegal, or unfeasible. The conference schedule is subject to change without notice, and we will attempt to keep you updated as much as possible. Thank you so much for reading the FAQs. If you still have questions, please email [email protected]


Resources Store

Do you have relevant stuff to sell at the conference? Books? Old School CDs or videos? Card Decks? “Yes, and..” balloons? We will have a Resources Store available to sell your goods!  We hope to make it super easy for folks to shop and super convenient for you to get paid out. Here’s what we need to make that happen:

  1. We need to know what title(s) you are bringing before you arrive. 
  2. We need to know how much to charge for it. 

The “before you arrive” part is important. AIN Vancouver Resource Store can’t support unannounced surprises delivered to us in Vancouver that we haven’t had a chance to put into the spreadsheets first. Just send your name & contact info to [email protected] for now, and we’ll be in touch about details later. Please make contact before June 15.  That way, we can have everything arranged by July 15, and we can all be assured things will run smoothly. For those that want to ship their products to us ahead of time, we ask that they arrive in Vancouver no later than July 15th, or alternatively, bring them with you if you have made arrangements to do so.

Reminder: our team will be unable to sell products that have not been pre-arranged by the cut-off date. (Though, being Canadians, we will, of course, be very polite about it.) This service is volunteer-run to solely benefit our members and presenters.  All proceeds, minus banking fees, will be going back to you. We look forward to welcoming you and your “merch” to Vancouver this summer!

For questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Vancouver Resource Store Volunteer Avi Dolgin

Conference Locations and Wi-Fi Information

This year, we will have our workshops and AINx Talks take place in a few venues on Granville Island. These venues are all very close together and are easy to walk to. 

Please click here to see the Conference Locations and Venues.

FAQ: Will there be easily visible Wi-Fi networks and passwords at all the events? 

Answer: Yes! We will have the Wi-Fi information available around the venues. 

2023 AIN Global Conference 

Click here to see our Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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Click here to register for pre-conference Learning Journeys! (happening July 26th and 27th)

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